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Being in Bangalore, one cannot but notice IT. Depending on who you talk to, life in Bangalore has changed for the better or for the worse since IT's advent. Beyond Bangalore, IT has clearly become an important sector of the Indian economy. One could be blind to ignore that IT has changed Indian society and will continue to change it. Yet, beyond the obvious riches it has brought to those directly involved in IT, how has it impacted rest of society? IT has a role to play in the "development sector" but there is a need to better understand this sans the hype around computers. There are several ongoing IT interventions in Indian society. What have their impact been? There is no dearth of questions to take up to better understand the impacts of IT on Bangalore, and society at large.

Around July 2004, a discussion group started along these lines. The discussion group was meant to be open to IT professionals, those working in NGOs, activists, teachers, and citizens in general. While the group is dormant currently for various reasons, all these questions continue to be relevant. There is interest in taking forward these discussions.

This website has been brought up with a view to bring together those interested in these issues with the hope that more people will participate in organizing discussions and co-ordinating the activities of the group. On this site, we are attempting to bring together relevant and interesting material: announcements of talks, workshops, seminars, etc.; interesting reading material that helps understanding these issues; ongoing projects; stories and anecdotes; etc.
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