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We meet every 2-3 weeks in Bangalore -- usually at a different place each time, depending on who has offered to host the meeting, and the agenda of the meeting. We usually meet on Saturday afternoons, and the meetings go on for 2-3 hours. The meetings follow different formats. At some meetings, we brainstorm ideas. At others, invited speakers introduce a topic following which there is a discussion. For example, on the 28th of August, we had Dr.Solomon Benjamin talk about land issues around the IT sector in Bangalore. In the past, some hosts have arranged food/snacks/tea for the participants to make it a cozy atmosphere. Thus, the specific format of a meeting varies and depends on the agenda -- they can be film screenings, brainstorming sessions, presentations, task group meetings, discussions around prior readings, etc. There have been around 20 people at most of our meetings so far. We invite you to suggest ideas for future meetings, take initiative to organize one, and co-ordinate follow up actions arising out of the meeting, as appropriate. Announce a meeting! Post Minutes
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